Put on your rubber boots, we are in… wetland!
Family audience and young audience above 4 years old

Welcome to the colorful and unique world of wetlands!
Rather little-known ecosystems, yet among the richest in the world, real carbon sinks, which have disappeared by 60% since 1960. (That is three times faster than our forests …)
Blue is how we nickname this lovely child who as soon as she can put on her rubber boots, gets on her bike to venture between sky, land and water, in the middle of nature, in this fabulous playground full of thrill and daring. But, today, someone is watching her …

“My favorite Blue Frog” is a dreamlike and offbeat dive into this surprising nature teeming with life, in this intriguing and enchanting kingdom, littered with forests, peat bogs and reed beds, where herons, dragonflies, kingfishers, sticklebacks, neps and yellow-bellied ring toads (to name but a few) happy days flow … not so quiet!
An invigorating, questioning spectacle, the flower with the gun, the relationship between man and Nature.
A poetically wild and deliciously aquatic creation.
Subversive, light and flowery.
Without words, and in a delicate graphic universe, the show mixes live creation of back-projected images with a gestural and puppet theater filled with wacky characters full of life.
Each performance is followed by a funny educational “supplement in words, sounds and images”, via the overhead projector, presenting around ten species endemic to wetlands that appeared during the performance, their specificities (shape, way of life, etc.). ..) often so atypical, unexpected, and funny. It is also the occasion for a direct exchange with the public.

Put on your rubber boots, we are in… wetland!
A poetically wild and deliciously aquatic creation.
Subversive, light and flowery.

This creation is co-produced, within the framework of the European “Itinérance Aquatique” project, with 6 Regional Natural Parks in Belgium, France and Luxembourg

- Natural Parc la Vallée de l’Attert (Be),

- Natural Parc 2 Ourthes (Be),

- Natural Parc Hâute Sûre forêt d’Anlier (Be),

- Natural Parc Haute Sûre (Lu),

- Natural Regional Parc Vosges du Nord (Fr) et,

- Natural Regional Parc Lorraine (Fr)

It is also sustained by Cultural Centers of Jemeppe/sambre (Be), Stavelot (Be), Dour (Be) and Bastogne(Be), Pablo Picasso from Blénod les Ponts-à-Mousson (Fr, 57), and Latitude 50, pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue (Be).

Show duration : 45 min + 15 min exchange
Public : Family audience and young audience above 4 years old. Scolar performances from 5 years ol.
Performing area : Indoors or outdoors performances, strict minimum5m opening x 4meter depth (ideal 6x5m or more)
Darkness needed

Artistic skills :
Live created back-projected images
Gestural and puppet theater

Artistic team :
Concept & Writting : Géraldine Carpentier – Doré
Interpetation : Géraldine Carpentier
Artistic exterior eye : Stéphane Georis
Sound recording of endemic wetland animals: Marc Namblard
Light creation: Isabelle Simon
Puppet and Images Construction :
Géraldine Carpentier,with intervention of Vittalia Samuilova
General intervention :
Julie Michaud, Michel Malet, Christelle Nicod, Agathe Bouvet






Teaser My favorite blue frog

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