Nominated Young Talents in 2013
at Gent International Puppetbuskerfestival (Be)
For its poetry and interaction with the public

Nominated Best Young Audience Favorite in 2014
International Street Art Festival Namur in May

An incredible and extraordinary travel full of humor, freshness, vitality and poetry.


A 45 minutes performance in surrealist object teater
Adult as children above 4 years old

With :
surrealist object theater,
a farcical character,
live accordion and, … a fish !

• A whole Family show:
Adult as children above 4 years old
• Visual show, with only a few words spoken:
English, German, Spanish, French fluent
Also possible with russian, italien, portuguese, dutch, … translation
Interactive with the public
• Indoors or outdoors performances
• Duration: 45 min
• Light Scenery

Written and played by :
Géraldine Carpentier-Doré
Artistic support from :
Stéphane Georis (Cie Les Chemins de Terre) and Martin Staes- Pollet

Let’s cast off the ropes….
Let’s escape from daily life…

A wrecked sea fish lands in a funny lady’s teapot in the middle of her kitchen!
Map in the hands, they both set off in her car, a small and old “Renault 4Ailes”, fully loaded with luggage and beach towels on the roof.
It’s time to hit the road !
Never stop … never look back…
Till we reach… the OCEAN …

All along the white line of the road, surprising events come one after another. And within the hours passing by, a beautiful friendship weaves.
They finally face the big blue, and discover another world…
For the first time…she understand what “breathing” means ….

MARITIME is a tender and crazy show to breath…And get back its childhood soul
A large colorful trip just as life !

Support from Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – Street Art Section
Maison de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles in Tournai, Centre Culturel de Chênée, Latitude50, Espace Catastrophe, asbl Devenirs and Institut International de la Marionnette de Charleville Mézières.


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Maritime, en festival d’arts de rue

Maritime, en salle (théâtre ou en salle décentralisée)

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